Classes and Rules

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No Nitro Engines are permitted to be started or running before 9am or after 7pm during daylight hours anytime.

MEETING DIRECTOR A Meeting Director will be rostered from the relative club committee to run club meetings.

DISPUTES The Meeting Director will be responsible for the resolution of any rule dispute. The VORTEC and or CLUB rules will be consulted if required.

FOOTWEAR Everyone within the race area and pit area must wear closed toe shoes. NO sandals, thongs or bare feet allowed.

MARSHALLING Marshals are to be in a marshalling position one (1) minute prior to the start of the next race.

CONTROL Reversing on track will not be allowed during racing.

TYRE TREATMENT No visible marks are to be left on the track surface. The use of any tyre treatment containing oil of wintergreen is expressly forbidden.

TECH INSPECTION Random checks may be made by a club appointed scruitineer.

WEIGHT Car minimum weights will not include the transponder.

DRIVER AIDS Traction control (including slipper clutches and fluid clutches), active suspension and steering control by gyroscopes are not allowed. Sensors fitted to the car for the purpose of measuring suspension movement, wheel speed or tyre slip are not allowed. Only 2 channels may be used in the receiver.

BODY SHELLS No part of the chassis and drive train including wheels, tyres, axles and bumpers may protrude outside the body shell when viewed from above. (excluding Fl and Indy-car)

RADIO EQUIPMENT Drivers are to have at least 2 different radio frequencies. All radio equipment must conform to Government regulations.

COMPUTER ROSTER A roster of drivers to lap count races to be implemented on race days.

FREQUENCEY KEYS Keys displaying a drivers name and transmitter frequency must be place on the Frequency Board prior to practice or race start.

PRACTICE Drivers will be limited to using a frequency key to a maximum of 10 minutes during practice.


February 2007


All drivers must have a Frequency Key displaying their name, transmitter frequency and channel number clearly marked.

Before a driver can turn their radio equipment on, they must first place their Key on the Frequency Board.

No radio equipment can be switched on during a race day until the driver has registered and then may only be switched on after their Frequency Key is on the Board, prior to their race or practice session.


Every driver is expected to perform marshalling duties

A driver will marshal the race directly after their own unless the meeting director specifies otherwise.

Any driver who cannot or does not perform their marshalling duties, or fails to appoint a substitute on their behalf, will face possible loss of points.

A track marshal is expected to right any crashed vehicle onto all 4 wheels, where the incident took place, facing in the right direction of travel. Track markers that are displaced are to be repositioned.

Any vehicle that is not running or is damaged to the extent that it cannot limp around to the pits must be removed from the track and be brought back to the marshalling point. No other person other than the marshal may go onto the track, during a race, to retrieve a vehicle. A possible loss of points may be incurred for doing so.

Marshals are not permitted to work on or start a vehicle during a race.


No vehicle may be started, repaired, fueled or adjusted on the track.

A pit person may retrieve a vehicle from a marshal and take and take it to the nearest edge of the circuit or to the pits for service, repair or starting.

No vehicle can be worked on in the pit lane. It must be removed from the pit lane first


Always be aware of other vehicles on and off the track. Avoid obscuring driver vision where possible

Nitro engines can be stopped by licking your thumb and placing it over the exhaust outlet, change fingers if it becomes to hot, or by using your shoe on the bottom of the car on the flywheel to stall the engine. Gloves are available for marshals. It only takes a few seconds to stop an over-speeding engine.

Be aware of hot engines and exhausts or rotating parts such as wheels, gears, shafts etc.

Drivers always need to be aware of the potential for damage and injury that can be caused by their vehicle. Most vehicles weigh over 1.5kgs and will reach speeds in excess of 50kph. Ask yourself would you stand in the way of a brick being thrown at you at 50kph?.....Always drive responsibly and according to the conditions.



ALL RULES EFFECTIVE FROM 01/01/2009 ......

All Electric Classes Must only use a Maximum of 6 Cells..

Cells Must be Sub C-Sized nickel cadmium or nickel metal hydride Construction ,rated nominally at 1.2 Volts .. Any approved 6 cell Nicad and NiMH pack, stick side by side or saddle configuration.
Any 2 cell Hard-cased approved 7.4 Lipo packs as listed on the ROAR website - is legal from August 1st 2008.

MINI                                                                                                                 Tamiya M01/2 or M03 series "Front Wheel Drive" chassis only, assembled as per Instruction Manual, and no chassis/powertrain modifications allowed. With the exception of the included/optional differential which may be modified to give a locked/spool action. Tamiya Black Can Sport-Tuned motors (23,000 rpm max) - 53068, or 13T/3000KV Hobbywing OEM/rebranded COMPLETE SYSTEM with max 25 or 35 amp ESC and engraved /etched can. No modifications are permitted to motors.,Any approved 6 cell Nicad and NiMH pack, stick side by side or saddle configuration.
Any 2 cell Hard-cased approved 7.4 Lipo packs as listed on the ROAR website ( - is legal from August 1st 2008.A minimum weight limit of 1330gms (with transponder) will apply. ESC, bearings and Tamiya Hot-ups only permitted, with the following exceptions - Official Tamiya optional ALLOY components may be replaced with an equivalent aftermarket part.Bodyshells are open, with the following restrictions - No Modern (post 1980) 4 door Touring Sedans and/or 12th scale type Wedge/Can-am Sports bodies


ELECTRIC 540 Novice / Beginners

Generally to be used as a Class for Kids and those with limited Driving Experience

Any brand of chassis including MINI . 540 Silver can Johnson/Mabuchi Prefered but any Motor concidered for 1st time Racers who Purchase a Kit with something other than a Silver Can in it. Unrestricted bodyshells. Unrestricted gearing.

Basically "Run what you Brung Electric Class" Class to be used as a Stepping Stone into the 540 Pro or MINI..


Any brand of IFMAR legal ISTC chassis . 540 Silver can Johnson/Mabuchi standard replacement metal endbell motor only. Motors may not be modified or tampered with in any wayor of the '4' Slot Variety. Unrestricted bodyshells. Unrestricted gearing. Rubber tyres only Minimum Wieght of 1425 Grams Including Transponder ...


Any brand of IFMAR legal ISTC chassis. Any bodyshell except Sports/GT bodies e.g. Ferrari F50/Porsche 911/Honda NSX etc. Commercially available 27 turn bushed single wind Rebuildable Stock motor, ROAR approved motors only (NO modifications allowed to motor) Any 17.5 turn Brushless motor with any rotor released for that motor...Rubber tyres only , Unrestricted gearing.Minimum Wieght of 1425 Grams Including Transponder ...


Any IFMAR legal ISTC chassis.Any IFMAR approved 4dr Sedan bodyshell.Any 10.5 turn Brushless motor with any rotor released for that motor Commercially available 19 turn brushed single wind motor (NO modifications allowed to motor) Rubber tyres only , Unrestricted gearing.Minimum Wieght of 1425 Grams Including Transponder ...

12th SCALE

27 Turn Brushed or 13.5 Brushless Motor..


Any IFMAR legal ISTC chassis.Any IFMAR approved 4dr Sedan bodyshell.Any IFMAR legal motor. Rubber tyres only permitted.Unrestricted gearing.Minimum Wieght of 1425 Grams Including Transponder ...



This class is for those new to R/C car racing. It really doesn't matter what type of car you have. In this class you can learn car control and racecraft with people of similar ability before you move up to the VORTEC classes.

VORTEC CLASS RULES 2007 ‘From the SERCCC website’

Pull Start Sport/ Pull Start Pro

Any pull start / RTR car with a .12 to .16 IC type engine (must be pull start)

At the moment the only exception to this rule is the Team Associated NTC3 & Kyosho FW05R / RR Series. These Pro level cars can accept pull start engies and they must run with their corresponding pull start equivalents:

Associated NTC3 must use Thunder Tiger .12 or .15 Engine

Kyosho FW05 must use GS15R or GX15R

Any chassis modifications or upgrades

Rubber and/or Foam tyres allowed

Kit spec engines only (you must use the engine that came out with the car. Hi performance engines, retrofitted with pull starts are not allowed.)

Absolutely no modifications whatsoever are allowed to engines.

Starter box maybe used but pull start must remain operational.

Nitro content upto 30% allowed

No Can AM / Wedge style bodies allowed

Pro Touring

The rules for this class are IFMAR / AARCMCC rules but for the following:

Kit pull start up to .15 or bump start upto .12 (3 or 5 port)

Any chassis modifications or upgrades

Rubber and/or Foam tyres allowed

Nitro content upto 30% allowed

No Can AM / Wedge style bodies allowed



1. The classes run will be Nitro Stock, Nitro Pro-Stock & Nitro Pro Tourer which will all be 4WD. Only one brake, working on the central power transmission, is allowed. No second or individual brake systems for front and/or rear axles or single wheels is allowed.

2. Maximum 2 speed gearbox allowed.

3. All cars must have a de-clutching device and have an operating brake capable of stopping the car and holding the car motionless with the engine running.

4. The use of .12 engines & kit engines up to .16 only will be permitted. They shall be air-cooled, with front rotary valve, two-stroke induction. Only glow plug ignition is allowed.


4a. Absolutely no modification whatsoever is allowed to kit spec engines in Stock and Pro Stock classes - pull starts are fitted, they must be operational - however a starter box can be used.

5. Engine capacity is to be aftermarket maximum .12 (2.11cc) only or kit up to .16 (2.62cc).

6. An effective muffler must be fitted at all times. Open exhaust or excessive noise is not permitted.

7. Fuel Tank capacity is to be 75.00 cc including all fuel tubing, filters. etc. No loose inserts allowed inside fuel tank.

8. The front bumper must follow the body contour and must be constructed so as to minimise injury that may result from being hit by a car. The bumper must be made from foam rubber or a flexible plastic material.

9. The body must be made from a flexible material and be painted properly. All windows should be clear.

10. Bodies are not to be cut above the lower bumper line at the front or the back, or above the bottom line of the doors.

11. Only the following AIR HOLES and sizes are permitted in the bodyshells:
One (1) cooling hole may be cut in the front windscreen to a maximum size of 50% of the front windscreen.
Access holes for glow-plug and refuelling access in roof are allowed. Both front side windows and the rear window can be removed for ventilation, rear side windows must remain intact. Or both front and side windows on one side.
Small holes can be made for the exhaust pipe, transponder, body post and radio antenna.
No other holes are permitted - we are trying to keep the scale appearance.

12. Roll bars (roll-over bars) must be kept under the body.

13. No parts of the car, except the muffler outlet may protrude outside of the bodyshell when viewed from above. Tyres may protrude past bodyshell provided the 200mm overall width is not exceeded.

14. Under body/chassis aerodynamic aids of any nature are not allowed.

15. General Dimensions
Wheelbase - Min 230mm - Max 270mm
Width (w/o body)Min 170mm - Max 200mm
Width (w/body)Min - 175mm - Max 205mm
Length (incl body & wing) Min 360mm - Max 460mm
Height (to top of roof) - Min 110mm - Max 160mm
Wing width (inclusive) - 125mm - (ref #17)
Wing Chord - Min -40mm - Max - 50mm
Wing Endplate equal size - 35 x 50mm
Wing overhang (at rear) 12mm
Wheel Diameter (excluding tyre bead) - Min 46mm - Max 50mm
Front Wheel Width (including bead) - 26mm
Rear Wheel Width (including bead) - 30mm
Front Wheel Width (across sidewalls) - 26mm
Rear Tyre Width (across sidewalls) - 30mm

16. One wing and one spoiler may be mounted to any car (if the original full-size car had more it is allowed to do the same). Wing and spoiler must be made from a flexible material. Wing and spoiler must not be fixed to body with piano wire. Basically, they must be mounted to body directly. Wing and spoiler may not protrude outside the maximum height and width of the body (including the side dams). rear wings must be mounted in the same place as intended by the body manufacturer. The overhang at rear must not exceed 12.0 mm at the furthest point, to be measured from boot lid.

17. The height of the wing may be adjusted, but the wing, including endplates must not extend higher than the roofline. Wings (excluding endplates) are to be of single moulded construction (no flat-packs/bend your own). Gurney strips (if allowed) may not exceed the width of the wing and have an edge not more than 5.00mm high. Total chord of the wing, plus the strip is 55.00mm.

18. Fuel will only contain methanol (methyl alcohol), lubricating oil and a maximum of 30% nitro methane in volume. Any fuel adjudged to be dangerous by the Organiser or race Director may not be allowed.

19. The aerial tube must be flexible. Carbon, GRP, Steel, etc are not allowed.

20. Only two (2) servos are allowed. Frequency must be legal as specified by Race Director. Drivers must have more than one (1) frequency available. Under no circumstances shall a transmitter be taken onto the track.

21. The use of Gyroscopes is not allowed.




The Most important Rule we abide by is to Have Fun :)





The Day:

  8.30am - Set up track
- Registration - sorting into classes and practice
10.30am - Racing
- Completion of racing, pack up and presentation
So that we can keep on time please ensure that you arrive at the track by 9.00am

What Class Will I Run In?

Electric 540, Electric 540 Mini, Clubman, Nitro Stock/ Nitro Pro Stock, Nitro Pro......what ever vehicle you have bring it along and we will fit you into a class where you can competitively hone your driving skills in a friendly atmosphere. 

For any enquires, email Webmaster