2008 Club Days

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Club Day Photos

Thanks to Wade for taking a Few Pics of our Recent Club Days , If anybody has any Photos they would like on the Web Page let me know ..


Click on the Pics for a Bigger View !!

Sarah and Matt getting Close into the Hairpin ..

Adrian setting sail for the Finish Line

Skip saving some Ground heading towards the Finish Line

Dave preparing to make a Passing Move on Allan

Tim enjoying some Time without any Pressure surrounding him ..

Joe about to apply some Pressure to Gus

Wicksey nice and 'Snug' out of the Hairpin

Little Hendo about to be Crunched "ouch" Joe in the Background seen it coming ..

Sarah has Little Hendo in close pursit..

Looks like Rhys is keen on giving Dad some Repair work to do ...

Little Hendo lining up and Inside run on Sarah

Fruitbat chasing Dave with Ron in the Background facing the wrong way after a little 'nudge'..

The Ledgengary "Hoochy Wagon" Race Control Van ..

Col and Ron come together Col is Going -

Going -

Still Going -

And still Going -

GONE !!! Phil doing a Great Job on the Marshalling ..

Col around the outside of Ron - Enjoying some better times Racing side by side ..

Toby sweeping around the Corner with Prez Fruitbat in Hot Pursuit - Great Angle Wade !!