Monthly Race Reports and Club Updates

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Club Updates

Use of Li-Po's at Bendigo are allowed Providing they are 'Hard' Cased ideally when Purchasing your Li-Po's if you get the Roar Approved you will know that they can be Used at VORTEC   Events and in-line with other Clubs ...
With the Introduction of Li-Po's you WILL be required to use a Li-Po Charging Sack when charging Li-Po's at the Bendigo Track ... If you bring them Charged thats not the Clubs Problem but you WONT be able to Charge your Li-Po Packs unless you have Charging Sack .... For safety and insurance reasons this will be Strictly adhered too ...

Please Note the Club now has a "Mystery Scribe" to Report on Race Days we now Hold Check in here a Few Days after each Race Meeting and get a Full Run Down ..(Oh I will add the "Mystery Scribe" is not me )

Aprils Race Report

Hi Guys, its race report time.

On a cold and icy morning, 17 drivers braved the elements to converge on the Bendigo On Road track. With the threat of rain ever present, racing was spectacular and hard fought.

Light on entries, 2 keen youngsters Matt Henderson and Jess White hit the track. Cold conditions provided plenty of slides and spins, but they pressed on through qualifiying with Matt taking TQ by a lap.
The first final got underway, young Hendo carved out a lead and ran to the line with Jess chasing down her best race of the day so far.
Final 2 saw Matt battling consistancy issues, allowing Jess into the lead midway through. Gathering it up, Matt regained the lead, holding on until the end of the race. Jess wasnt far behind, putting down her best race of the day and just missing her first 18 lapper by just 1.4 secs!!!
Final 3 was set to be a showdown with Jess getting a handle on her TC5 and getting quicker. Disaster struck Jess on lap 6, a broken car put paid to what was shaping up to ber her best race. Uncontested, Matt put down his fastest race of the day with a 0.27 consistancy.

540 PRO
Next in the queue, 7 entries made it the biggest class for the day. Qualifiying got under way and being the last round of the championship, stakes were high. Hard and fast racing from all contenders saw Dave "whincup" Bowen taking out his first TQ by just 2.6 secs from Toby Whatmore, Colin White, Allan Melton, Leigh Wallace, Wade Griffin and Drew Shard, normally up the pointy end, had a qualifying session to forget.
Pressure was on for Dave to back up his TQ in the finals, and a good start in Final 1 helped to avoid the first hairpin pile up, eventually bring the car home 10 secs in front of a charging Drew and Colin.
Final 2 saw a ripper start from Drew and a first lap battle with Dave, with the lead changing every corner through the midfield. A risky passing move saw Dave catapult himself from the track with the whole field passing by. Drew held on to finish first with Dave 4 secs behind, having fought back through the field.
Final 3 gave an early charge from Toby, but Dave passed and ran to the line in first, Toby 4 secs behind and Drew in third. Colin bowed out after a crash gave way to mechanical dramas, ending a good run.
Overall, Dave took the win from Drew, Toby, Colin, Allan, Wade and Leigh.

Five drivers took up the challenge, with the last round of this championship being decided also. Pressure was on!!!
The first qualifyer got off to a shaky start and by lap 6 only Jamie O'Brien and Adrian Henderson were left. Lyndon "Skip" Turvey, Tim Forster and Phil Clayton early casualties. Jamie looked set to take TQ, but Tim had other ideas and belted out a blinder to take TQ in the 2nd qualifyer by 7 secs!!!
Adrian lined up 3rdfor the finals followed by Skip and Phil.
Final 1 saw Tim take the lead only to surrender it to Jamie on lap 2. Dropping back to 3rd, Tim regained his lead with his fastest lap of the race. After that he put in some smoking quick laps to take the win by a lap from Jamie.
Final 2 and Tim burst out of the blocks, but Jamie wasnt going to let him get away, the pair trading fastest laps until Tim crossed the line first with Jamie only 6 secs behind. Adrian taking 3rd with a consistant run.
Final 3 had Tim losing his lead on the race to Jamie on lap 4. Try as Tim might, Jamie was on a mission and sailed home in first with Tim a further 2 laps behind (and sporting a twisted body shell) Adrian rounding out the top 3 again.
Tim took the round honours with Jamie 2nd, a consistant drive giving Adrian 3rd from Skip and Phil, both suffering car troubles through out the day.

Three drivers put their foot forward and Lyndon "Skip" Turvey started qualifiying with plenty of pace but was out by lap 5. Matt Wicks put the foot down with Ron Passalick finishing 2nd. Qualifiyer 2 saw an awesonme display by Matt and Skip to finish only 5 secs apart with Ron taking the final grid position.
Final 1 saw TQ Matt Wicks storm away with impressive pace followed by Skip and Ron, but by lap 14 drama had relegated him to 2nd where he stayed to the end. Skip staying ultra consistant to take the win and Ron out early with car trouble.
Final 2 and Matt grabs the lead only to lose it to Skip on lap 9 and then regain it by lap 15 to take the win and initiate a last race showdown.
Final 3 and Matt gets the holeshot and never looked back, finishing a lap over Skip and Ron and thats how the overall podium stood.

The gun class of the day saw entries from Jamie O'Brien, Joe Ghirringelli, and Tim Forster. Early on in qualifiying Jamie out down the challenge for TQ with a 23 lapper and try as they might that time stood to take pole. Joe only missed 23 laps by 2.3 secs!! Tim chose to stay out of the finals, concentating on his mini racing.
Final 1 saw Joe grab the lead and storm home for the win, getting his 23 lapper in the process! Jamie suffering a lap 18 drama came home in 2nd.
Final 2 had Jamie leading for the first 6 laps until Joe found his way past. They finished in that order just 3 secs apart and Joe missing 23 laps by just 0.3 secs!!!
Final 3 and Jamie once again takes the lead with Joe hot on his heels. Passing Jamie on lap 14, Joe never looked back, but Jamie ran all the way with him. The finish line gap only 2.4 sec!! Joe getting the top podium spot followed by Jamie.

A great days racing with the weather holding off untill after the day was done! See you all at the next meet!!!